The Science of Motivation


by nina.jsc Most managers feel that a major part of their job is to motivate people who work for them. The problem that many have is distinguishing the difference between motivation and manipulation. Managers who attempt to motivate through manipulation will actually get worse results than those managers who simply stay out of the way and let people do what …

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Troubleshooting Your iPhone When Application Crashes


by shadowtech The most common iPhone crash is one where the application you are working in suddenly ceases operation, the screen momentarily turns black, then the iPhone home screen appears. In a slightly more serious manifestation, the crash will result in a complete freeze where the iPhone is unresponsive. Your initial reaction could be… simply yank the battery to cut …

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Wherever CLOUD data goes, the CLOUD SECURITY follows

from the blog

by Stuck in Customs What did we learn from the year 2014? The Year 2014 was coined as ‘Year of Breach’ by Analysts which witnessed incessant data breaches resulting in huge losses. It turned out to be a nightmare for many of the Multi-National companies as well as Federal agencies which thought that cloud technology is the future and has …

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Tips to attain continuing education


by CSUF Photos A higher qualification is definitely essential if you are looking for a better position in society. The higher qualification can also grant you promotions in the workplace that are essential in the competitive world. Thus, the importance of continuing education comes to existence. It is mainly favored by adults already having a university or college degree. The …

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Useful things to know about Reading Glasses


by gurdonark Reading Glasses are a pair of frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes basically for vision correction. Although these Reading Glasses are generally considered safe for individuals as determined by an optometrist and are advised to be made by a qualified optician. If you do not have the time to look for a pair of Reading …

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3 Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track


by Phil_Heck If you want to lose weight but have struggled to follow through in the past, you can absolutely slim down easily this time around, but you do have to ensure that you don’t fall into your old diet traps (at least without having weight loss motivation tips that work!). To ensure that you stay focused on even the …

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Batterie Dell Latitude D510


by My Lil’ Rotten On parle souvent de résolution d’écran et de puissance de processeur pour une tablette mais l’autonomie de la batterie est également un point essentiel lors de l’achat. Quelle est la tablette avec la meilleure autonomie de batterie ? Le site « Which? » a voulu répondre à cette question en comparant les performances de plusieurs tablettes …

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Racing Car Games Vs Shooting Games


by Jared Cherup One of the major forms of entertainment for the small kids these days is playing with the games on their computer. The games are mostly loved by the small children and they are really interested to play and have fun. When it comes to games, you can find different kind of gaming, and among them the racing …

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Engineering Distance Education and Diploma Distance Education Chennai[India]


by Office of Governor Mark Dayton & Lt. Governor Tina SSK College trust is an educational charitable trust registered in 1999. SSK college has been serving the student community for over a decade now. The college has been authorized to function as a center of learning through distance education by various universities. Some of the prominent ones in the list …

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Tips on Choosing the Best Battery Charger


by D.C.Atty Choosing the best battery charger from many choice selections is actually not an easy thing to do because of the possibility of being tricked by various low-quality battery chargers that proliferate in the market these days. There are various factors that you would have to take into consideration, such as: * The type of battery that you own …

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